Donor Wall – Leave Your Mark

Whether you have recently left Ratcliffe, or your time there is a distant memory, one thing that remains is the connection you will always have with your old School, and the memories you gained whilst studying there.

As we celebrate the opening of our brand new Fitness Suite and the significantly refurbished Ratcliffian Association Bar, we have a unique opportunity to have your or your family’s name included on our Donor Wall within the new complex, as a permanent reminder of your time at Ratcliffe.

For a donation of £25.00, your name could be included on our large donor wall – alongside other donors who support Ratcliffe and help us to support future generations of Ratcliffians.

For a donation of £500.00 your family name can be inscribed on an individual tile which will be placed on the donor wall within the new complex.

NOTE: Please make your donation by the end of FEBRUARY 2020 to have your name included on the donor wall

Helping future generations

Whilst the College does support many children through means tested Bursaries, there is always scope for us to do more. Funding generated through this appeal will go towards increasing the number of gifted and talented pupils from a wide range of backgrounds that the College is able to support through our Bursary Fund, unless you let us know otherwise.

Supporting today not only gives you the opportunity to leave your mark at Ratcliffe, it also is a way to give back to future generations and enable more bright, enthusiastic young minds to learn and grow at Ratcliffe.

Make your donation now

Please sign up before the end of November 2019 for this special opportunity in order to get your name inscribed in time. You can do this using one of the “donate now” links above, or if you would prefer to send a cheque you may do so by posting it to the address below. Please ensure that you also contact us using the details below to confirm your inscription wording.

FREEPOST RTHT – EYZG – ETCT (only use this line if in the UK)
Ratcliffe College Foundation
Fosse Way
Ratcliffe on the Wreake

To donate from overseas, please either do this online by clicking the ‘Donate Now’ button above, or contact us using the details below to make a card payment over the telephone and to confirm your inscription wording.

Please note: Inscription wording is limited to 32 characters. Please contact us for further details.

Contact and further details

If you would like to contact the Foundation team, please call us on +44(0)1509 817091 or email us