Ratcliffe 2020

RAT20201 Ratcliffe 2020 is our vision which, with long-term support from the Ratcliffe community, will enable us to help prepare today’s students to lead constructive, confident and contented lives in tomorrow’s world.

We aim to shape our college by focusing on three areas we feel are key to achieving our vision: Sport & Fitness; Bursaries; and new facilities for Science and the Arts.

Sports Appeal                              

The first phase of Ratcliffe 2020 is all about Sport and Fitness. A Ratcliffe education is about so much more than academic rigour. Our students enjoy a wide range of life enriching, extra-curricular activities in addition to their academic studies, helping to prepare them for the world beyond Ratcliffe College.

We are asking the Ratcliffe community to play their part by joining Team Ratcliffe. By donating towards our Sports Appeal you can help to provide improved facilities and increased opportunities that will benefit the lives of many Ratcliffians for years to come.

Ratcliffe College children running_prep


Your support will help towards the Fitness Suite or Sports Bursaries.

Downloads: Ratcliffe 2020 BrochureRatcliffe 2020 Donation Form,