Bursaries can be transformational. They help to change young peoples’ lives and help to unlock students’ greatest potential.

Headmaster & Students

“Having witnessed first-hand the difference this opportunity can make to the students, and in turn what the students can bring to the life of Ratcliffe, we want to increase the level of support that we are able to offer to deserving students, which is why we have launched the Ratcliffe Sixth Form Bursary Appeal.”

Mr Jon Reddin, Headmaster

Ratcliffe has always provided a great sense of community, believing that, where possible, we should help and support those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

That is why we are very proud to announce that  we are launching a fundraising appeal to help increase our Bursary provision, with an initial emphasis on providing enhanced Sixth Form Bursaries.

We believe that, by helping students who demonstrate immense potential, but who cannot afford to attend Ratcliffe, we are helping to live-out the School’s motto Legis – Plenitudo – Charitas.

We want to do more but we need your support. 

How can I help?
It currently costs over £17,000 per year to educate a day student at Ratcliffe College, and almost twice that for a full-time boarder. Therefore, to provide 100%* financial support to just one day student for 2 years during their Sixth Form studying A Levels will require recurring gifts of:

                                               Three people giving £5,000 each per year.
                                               Fifteen people giving £1,000 each per year.
                                               Fifty people giving £25 each per month per year.

*All bursaries are strictly means-tested and we only provide 100% bursaries in a few exceptional cases.

Make a difference
All gifts, whatever their value, are gratefully received but recurring donations are most welcome as they help us to plan ahead and to ensure we can, with confidence, provide bursary support for the duration of a student’s education at Ratcliffe.

Please help us to transform lives by supporting the Ratcliffe Sixth Form Bursary Appeal.

Thank you.

To make a donation online please click here – alternatively visit the Support Us page for more ways on you can make a donation.

Case Study

Peter Daley (’56) and his wife Kathie, earmarked a Legacy amount of $750,000 in favour of the Ratcliffe College Foundation. Generously, they also agreed to donate the interest each year, during their lifetime, and have since been funding the Peter Daley Bursaries for students. This annual donation provides financial support, via a bursary to families whose children would greatly benefit from a Ratcliffe education but are without the means to fund 100% of the School fees.



“I hope that others will give generously to Ratcliffe and to its students, and I hope that those students, when grown up and succeed in life, will give back in their turn”.

 Peter Daley, Old Ratcliffian 1950 – 56