Donor Wall – supporting Bursaries

The Donor Wall was initiated in 2019 to support the College’s Bursary Fund, through an appeal entitled “Make Your Mark”. Donors were given the opportunity to have their name or a family name appear on our Donor Wall within the Fitness Centre.

We had a fantastic response, and 92 Old Ratcliffians donated to the appeal. Together they raised a fantastic £12,000 towards our Bursary Fund. The names of those who wished to be included on the wall are displayed inside blue or gold circles spreading across the stair-well in the new Fitness Centre –  all linking together, supporting one another (as Old Ratcliffians do so well!)

Take a look at the photographs and video below. The first (circular design) donor recognition wall includes those Old Ratcliffians who donated towards the appeal (with amounts from £25 – £499.) *

* Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see the donors listed in the order they appear on the wall

(Click on the thumbnails above to enlarge photographs)

Alternatively please find below the layout in a pdf format – where you can zoom in closely…

Donor Wall Circles Layout_Full wall.

Donor Plaques

Donors who gave £500 or more, and those donors to donated towards the Fitness Centre have been recognised through two donor ‘plaque’ installations as you enter the Fitness Suite on the ground floor.

(Click on the thumbnails above to enlarge)

Helping future generations

Whilst the College does support many children through means tested Bursaries, there is always scope for us to do more. Funding generated through this appeal went towards increasing the number of gifted and talented pupils from a wide range of backgrounds that the College is able to support through our Bursary Fund.

Contact and further details

If you would like to contact the Development Office, please email us at

Donor names as they appear on the wall

WALL 1 (left photograph)

Aran Chada

Paul A Racey

Thomas Holt

Edmund Tierney

Michael Wright

Georgia Holt

Peter Casartelli

Jeremy Moiser

Simon G Hothersall

Clem Maginniss

Archie J G Hailes

Paul Morris

Captain John A Finnigan

Michael J Crick

Brendan Morris

Peter Michael Doran

Michael Morris

Sean Morris

Brian Coe

Fr Henry Young

Michael G Ainsworth

Dr Paddy O’Donnell

Michael Billson

Jacques M Peu DuVallon

James Brian Murphy

Peter J Harding

Roisin Mitchell-Dunstall

Frankie Lo

Dom Russell

Terence Atkinson

Ian Massa-Harris-McFeely

Howard Clipperton

Claude Barnes

Adrian O’Connell

Anon priest

Simon O’Connell

Peter Whittam

John Sharman

Peter D Anthes

Noel Sloan

Edward Connolly

Nicholas Jolliffe

Joseph B Adcock

Tim Howard

Patrick Jolliffe

Daniel J Adcock

David Gee

Jeremy Gee

Anthony C Fearn

Lilly Dosanjh

Adrian John

Andrew Marshall

Michel Henri Ciambra


WALL 2 (right photograph)

David G Mitchell

Bryan Nicoll

Anthony J S Dias

Francis Julian Orford

Steve Clark

Bernard Dias

John F Larrad

Jonathan Clapham

John Hains

Rudolf G Carpanini

Richard Ashton

Anthony Worrall

R John Spencer

Sophie Riley

Andrew Yell

Walter Yell

Laura Yell

John McGlashan

Sophie Yell

Ian Potts

Kevin Yell

Julian Hindmarsh

David Rossi

Grace Luk

Jonty Myles

Alan Shepherd

Max-Joseph Bailey